You can call ‘em Generation Y, Millennials, Generation next or Echo Boomers but the truth is that they’re the real new vandals. They’ve come for freedom, they’re ambitious as their devices are part of them more and more like artificial limbs. They are chameleon, they know the tricks onto social medias and, most of all, they’re living their time! Ambition, Tolerance, optimism, narcissism and stubbornness … This is what they’re made of. The mix of all the tons of infos that come across any media available flow through their veins and define their indefinable shape. It’s freedom, ambition, recklessness that made them the very new Vandals of our time. And believe it or not they’re coming for us!

Model: @damiano_bonaventura
Photo: @filimic /  @danieledonniecruccolini

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